LPN Courses

LPN is an abbreviation that means Licensed Practical nurses. LPNS provide care to patients supervised by doctors. They need to be able to carry out procedures the doctor prescribed to a patient such as explaining their condition to them, administering

LPN courses combine theoretical subjects in anatomy, physiology, psychology, legal aspects, English criminology and conflict resolution with a lot of in house practical training that takes place in general hospitals and surgeries, rehabilitation centers and birthing units. Courses may be part time and full time and cater to the needs of busy modern students. Programs start all through the year to accommodate the needs of students. Tuition fees vary and many scholarships are available from private and public sources, as well as college funds. Before entering a number of LPN courses students may be required to complete prerequisite nurses courses.

LPNs may specialize in Practical nursing and Pharmacology. Practical nurses  have to learn basic facts about healthy nutrition and lifestyle, wellness and general health, illnesses and diseases, duties of LPNs, ethical and psychological aspects of being a nurse. Nurses often educate patients about different conditions and medications of such conditions, as well as help families take care of certain patients. Being a practical nurse is popular and rewarding in Canada, where the profession is in high demand. It may be challenging and stressful at times but the financial and psychological benefits of being a nurse are manifold. Most LPN students find amazing job opportunities on completion of their courses.

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